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Consultative meeting with Muki women group on value addition held at Suna west subcounty in Migori county in May 2022
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Seed distribution and training of farmers on Agronomic packages in Migori County
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Heading layeSensitization meeting with sorghum farmers in Homabay county on new sorghum varieties developed by Rongo Universityr
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Dr. Evans Ouma

Director, Research and Extension

About the Directorate

Rongo University is a gold mine of knowledge and innovation and has a good reputation for excellence and strong research culture and community service. The University is committed to creating and strengthening linkages and partnerships with all relevant institutions/organizations/stakeholders and community of practices (COPs) to maximize research output and impacts both nationally and internationally. The Directorate of Research and Extension is charged with the responsibility to spearhead the formulation, development, review and rollout of relevant research policies and plans from time to time. It also monitors and evaluates the utilization of University research grants to ensure compliance with relevant guidelines and prepares research contract agreement documents such as SMTAs e.t.c. The directorate coordinates research proposal advertising, evaluation, processing, and approval of the award of research grants from the URF and other University funds on recommendation from the SRCs. Another major role is to identify and alert researchers within the University on national and international funding opportunities. It carries out Intellectual property audits within the university and offers advisories to researchers on the same. The directorate also links the university and the general public through community outreach services. Additionally, the directorate plans and holds annual capacity building in proposal writing, research, and publication skills. It also creates, develops, and sustains a conducive environment for research.


To source, advertise, and administer research funds.

To monitor and evaluate the utilization of University research and other grants

To review research and related policies and plans from time to time.

To Build the capacity of researchers to attract funds, conduct impact research, and publish in peer review Journals

To develop and sustain a conducive environment for research within the University

To disseminate and promote the adoption of available research findings and technologies for enhanced community development.

Current News & Events