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We live in a knowledge economy and networked society where communication system compete ,our identities threatened, and our knowledge of major political, social and cultural happenings constantly challenged.

We need therefore, to ask fundamental questions about how the ability of technological transformation is creating an interface between technological fields through common digital language in which information is generated, stored, retrieved, processed and transmitted. We experience today a global economy characterized by new modes of information flow and cultural communication.The school provides courses for talent and skills for the rising network society characterized by electronic – based information technologies using digital language for global communication and in commercial, scientific and civil applications. The perspective is to provide trained man power under the impact of information technologies in research, offices, industrial plants and services.Read More

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Guide to Thesis/Project Supervision

Supervising a thesis student is not difficult. However it is a scary experience for inexperienced supervisors. I recall my own insecurity when asked to supervise my first thesis candidate (Alfred Shem Ouma– then a Masters student) barely after a Master’s Programme myself. I remember complaining to my chairman that I was too inexperienced for the task pointing out that the student was almost my academic equal. I also do remember my mentor’s (Prof. Germano Mwabu) response that it was the best way to get experience. This dismissive (though not arrogant) answer has resulted in many Masters and PhD supervision and mentoring that I am very proud of. I therefore dedicate this discussion to Dr. Alfred Shem Ouma, who acted as my Guinea pig and Professor German Mwabu my mentor whose push and shove has made me who I am. This discussion is not an academic treatise, but rather a practical guide to the upcoming supervisors. It is a result of many years of supervising candidates at Masters and PhD levels of study. It is also informed by examination of guidelines by famed scholars plying their trade in equally famed institutions of higher learning. It is foolhardy to say this work is original hence I acknowledge benefiting from the following sources amongst many: i. Australia Catholic University ii. University of Melbourne iii. University of Notre Dame, Australia Thus, the presentation and discussions gave insights on; i. Where to get supervisory experience; ii. Tips on preparations for supervision; iii. Actual supervising tips; iv. Tips on methodology chapter; v. Tips on interpretation of results; vi. Tips on finalizing the Thesis/Project. Presenter: Prof. John Almadi Obere

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