Prof. John Ernest Odada

Position/Designation: Dean, School of Business and Human Resource Development


Phone: +254-723800158





  1. Biography
  • Academic qualification:Prof. Odada obtained his PhD in Economics, M.A. (Economics) and B.A. Hons. (Economics and Pure Mathematics, with Education Option) from the University of Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Work experience:He has university teaching and research experience spanning over forty three (43) years at various universities including; University of Nairobi, Moi University,   University of Botswana, University of Namibia and, currently, at Rongo University. 
  • Honours and awards:1973-1975: Obtained a German DAAD Scholarship to study for a Masters degree at the University of Nairobi.1980-1985: Obtained, with other colleagues at the University OF Nairobi, a Canadian IDRC research grant for a comprehensive study of the Kenyan Sugar industry. The grant included a vehicle and Masters Scholarships for fifteen (15) students tenable at the University of Nairobi.
  1. Research interest:

In the field of research and publication, Professor Odada has published a number of articles in high impact factor-journals, chapters in books and chapters in refereed research and conference publications, in addition to supervising and examining a number of postgraduate research studies. He has been involved also in a number of policy advocacy activities.  During the period, October 1986 – March 1987, he was appointed by the Organization of African Unity (OAU) to serve as the Principal Organizer of a regional workshop on “Popularizing Africa’s Priority Programmes for Economic Recovery (APPER) in the Eastern and Southern Africa Regions”. This workshop, which was held in Mombasa, Kenya, brought together Ministers of Planning, Economic Planners and Economists from a number of countries in the two regions to discuss possible strategies for the implementation of APPER. 

  1. Ongoing research projects:

Prof. Odada has no research project of his own at the moment, having been out of the country for eighteen years, but he is involved in the supervision of Masters and PhD research studies. 

  1. Publications:

4.1 Journal Articles

 Odada J. E. (1985). “Factor Substitution Possibilities and the Unemployment Problem in Kenya: The Case of Miwani and Sony Sugar Schemes”, Eastern Africa Economic Review, New Series, Vol. I _ 1, pp. 47-56.

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Odada J. E. and Matundu O. K. (2009). “China–Africa Economic Relations: The Case of Namibia”. The European Journal of Development Research, 21, 485 – 505.  Jointly written with O. Kakajuha – Matundu of the Department of Economics, University of Namibia.

Odada J. E. and Eita J. H. (2010). “Sources of Inflation in Namibia: An Empirical Exploration. The African Finance Journal. Special Issue, pp 44-57.

Odada J. E. (2010). Addressing the Plight of Poor Households by Zero-raring Value Added tax on Basic Commodities in Namibia.  Working paper No. 72, International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth.

Odada J. E. and Odhiambo O. (2015). “Effects of Zero rating value added tax on government revenue in Namibia; A partial equilibrium analysis”. African Journal of Economic and Management Studies, Vol. 6 No. 4, 2015, pp 314-355.

4.2 Chapters in Books

Odada J. E., Coughlin P. and Owino P. (1991). Farmers, Managers and Government in an Integrated Agro-industry: Sugar and Sugarcane” in P. Coughlin and G. K. Ikiara (ed): Kenya’s Industrialization Dilemma. Heinemann Publishers (K) Ltd (1991), Chapter 9.

Odada J. E. and Mogotsi I. P. (2002). “Factor Substitution Possibilities and Returns to Scale in Manufacturing in Botswana” in F. Columbus (ed): Politics & Economics of Africa, Vol. 3, 2002, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York.