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Welcome to the Department of Business Studies. The department is one of the two departments in the School of Business and Human Resource Development. The department is responsible for teaching and examining courses in the area of Business Studies as well as spearheading research and outreach in this area. The goal of the department is to provide wholesome learning and training in the areas of business through innovative and professionally focused and sound academic processes.

In order to support Rongo University’s vision of being a world class technology driven university in learning and practice and her mission of providing high quality education through teaching, research, community service, and nurturing innovative graduates, the department offers the following undergraduate and graduate academic programmes:

Mission and vision




  • To re-skill students for present day information economy.
  • To bring awareness of the rising intricacies of networked society.
  • To acquire practical skills in computer networking and digital communication.
  • To acquaint the students with principles of management of information systems and services.


  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management (with specializations in: Finance, Marketing, Strategic Management, Procurement & Logistics Management and Human Resource Management)
  2. Masters in Business Management (with specializations in: Accounting, Finance, Strategic Management, Marketing, Operations Management, and Purchasing  & Supplies Management)
  3. Bachelor of Commerce (with specializations in: Accounting, Finance, and Purchasing & Supplies Management) –New
  4. Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management (with specializations in: Procurement & Supplies Management; and Logistics & Transport Management) – New
  5. Bachelor of Business Management (with specializations in:  Accounting, Finance & Banking, Purchasing & Supplies Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Risk & Insurance Management, Business Information Systems, Business Administration, and Enterprise Management)
  6. Diploma in Business Management
  7. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management
  8. Certificate Programmes:
  9. Certificate in Business Management
  10. Certificate in Purchasing and Supplies Management
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